The Incas are known as the oldest civilization of all humanity that was wondered and studied in prehistoric times. Although its birth dates back to 200 BC, this researching, questioning and scientifically developing civilization lived far beyond the age.

The Inca, who skillfully shaped heavy rocks in their architectural structures, emphasized three basic concepts in these architectures; precision, usefulness and simplicity.

By guiding ourselves the talents and visions of the Incas that transcend their age, we started operating in 1998 with the brand "Inca".

What is Inca doing?

We established our own R&D department in order to implement our new projects rapidly by following the developing technology.

Inca Technologies Co carries out the design, box and visual designs of every electronic product produced under the name of Inca with its team.

Inca, making its name known in 23 different countries, is in every field that users can reach with its advanced technology products today and in the future with its R&D team.

Inca's target?

Inca called Empousa, who frightened and hunted her rivals by mythological disguise in order to reach the auxiliary equipment needed by the developing era in the industry. Empousa series aims to always be ahead of your opponents in your games with its player equipment.

Our Mission

To deliver technology products that will provide high quality and performance in the field of production under the leadership of the principle of honesty, by providing reasonable price advantage over the sales points that everyone can easily reach, to the end user.

To be a pioneer in customer service quality with its expert staff, pre and post sales support units.

Our Vission

To increase our growing market share thanks to the production and planning of Inca technology products that we have been successfully carrying out for years. To carry it to the highest level in the domestic foreign market by adhering to our brand and principles that we trade.

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