• First-class materials and a unique mechanism
  • Noise level: 15d BA
  • Fan power button
  • 140 mm fan with powerful air stream
  • Heat dissipation with high performance
  • Unique Anti-slip design
  • Overall dimensions 370x265x33 mm
  • Size 140x140x20 mm fan
  • Net Weight 807 g
  • The nominal voltage of 5 V DC
  • Current 0:18 - 0.4 + - 10% to
  • Power Input 0.75 W
  • Fan Speed 1000 RPM
  • Maximum airflow 44 CFM


  • INC-341FX notebook cooler
  • User guide

Quiet Operation with Sleeve Bearing Bearing Mechanism

The INCA INC-341FX Super Silent USB Fan Notebook Cooler combines premium material and height-adjustable stylish design with a 140mm super silent Fan, offering you powerful airflow, constant coolness, high speed and full performance.

Unique Anti-Slip Design

INCA INC-341FX Super Silent USB Fan Notebook Cooler, which has the feature of preventing slipping in notebook contact and fully gripping the body thanks to its unique anti-slip design, works compatible with 7 '' to 17 '' notebook and netbook sizes. It is presented to your liking in Red and Black color options.

Movable Notebook Holders

The size of notebook computers and the location of the front panel outlets can vary. One of the most important features of the INCA INC-341FX Super Quiet USB Fan Notebook Cooler is that the notebook holders are movable. In this way, according to the size of your computer, you can easily adjust the front panel outlets.

Easy Access USB 2.0 Port

With the INCA INC-341FX Super Silent Notebook Cooler with USB Fan, your laptop will also have extra USB ports. With the USB 2.0 output located on the back panel for easy access to the outputs, you can use your USB number without extra cost. you will be able to increase.

Special Blue LED Lighting

The INCA INC-341FX Super Quiet Notebook Cooler with USB Fan offers a unique glow with its blue LEDs and contributes to your computer's running at its highest performance at all times.
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