Quiet and soft design
Keyboard size : 480.5*220*31 mm
Cable length: 1.6 m
Net weight: 966g
5 identifiable macro keys
3 mode recording keys
7 led rgb light lighting
Adjustable light brightness
Anti-shading property


It has been carefully designed for Gamers who do not fail to play games at night .. Inca IKG-447 Lapetos will be indispensable for those who do not want to disturb by playing flawlessly with its unique key design and minimum silent key difference.
The Inca IKG-447 Lapetos is the choice of those who want to play better with its remarkable red metallic keys, adjustable backlight, programmable keys and anti-shadowing feature.
The Inca IKG-447 Lapetos includes six programmable G-keys that allow you to configure unique functions and macro combinations, making complex actions simple. With G-keys, you can instantly access many customizable functions with one click.
It starts with a red background color when powered up. The desired color is selected with the LED button. The light turns off when the cycle is complete. (Steady light mode turns off while the background lights are in blinking mode.) Backlight brightness adjustment: FN + PGUP increase brightness, FN + PGDN decrease brightness; The background lights can be set in four ways, high / medium / low / off.
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