2.4GHz Wireless Mouse
Rechargeable Internal Battery 400mAh lithium 3.7 - 4.2 V mAh Rechargeable battery
USB + Type C support dual receiver
There are midium size, desktop, laptop
DPI: 800-1200-1600
7 buttons : left, right, forward, backward, DPI + scroll wheel
High precision optical tracking engine
Windows Vista / Windows 7 / WIN8 / WIN10
Micro Usb cable
Led button (led on / led off)
3.0 Working range: 10-15 meters


With the Inca IWM -551 office Mouse, you will have a unique experience even in your office thanks to the 4 LED lights that can be changed in addition to the completely silent and comfortable keys.

You can use your Inca IWM-551 mouse with both your devices with USB input and your device with TYPE-C input. IWM-551 mouse with advanced 2.4 Ghz Radio Frequency extends your wireless communication range up to 15 meters.

Forget about running out of battery with the environmentally friendly 400 mAh rechargeable battery built into the Inca IWM-551 Mouse. Usage time is approximately 100 hours after fully charged. The blue indicator light is always on while charging with the TYPE-C Wired charging interface. The blue light turns off when fully charged, the charging time is around 3-4 hours.

The key slot design unique to the Inca IWM-551 Mouse takes customization to a whole new level by allowing easy replacement of mouse switches. Depending on the mode of operation you prefer, you can turn off the Light mode, non-light mode or completely on your device.

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