Special design for office, low power consumption, strong anti-interference, adapt to direction selectivity

Power : Keyboard 1 14500 charging battery, 500mAh capacity, 0.7Ma, Sleep = 3uA

Number of Multimedia Keys: 12 Keys

Dedicated button for Volume Control

Low battery indicator

Intelligent multi-level automatic power saving mode design

Port: USB 2.0

Number of Keys: 106 Keys, Key Life: Over 10 Million

Item Size: 445 * 148 * 38mm

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows® XP / Windows Vista® 32/64-bit / Windows® 7 32/64-bit Windows® 8 / Windows® 8 Pro / Windows10



Silent Key

Operation Mode: 2.4GHz Radio Frequency,

Rechargeable Battery: 1pc 14500 charging battery, 500Mah
Receiver: Type-C and USB

Optical Resolution: 800-1200-1600 DPI

Number of Keys and Key Life: 6 D, more than 2 million

Mouse Size and Weight: 114 * 75 * 42mm, 80 +/- 5g




The slim key layout specific to your Inca IWS-549U Wireless Combo Office set will instantly adapt to the key layout your fingers are familiar with.

Your Inca IWS-549U Wireless Combo Set has 1 environmentally friendly 14.500 built-in charging battery, 500 mAh capacity, inside both your keyboard and mouse. The usage time is about 100 hours after being fully charged with ultra-low power consumption.

• Power : Keyboard 1 x 14500 charging battery, 500mAh capacity

• Ultra-low power design = 0.7Ma, Sleep = 3uA You will be able to use your set wirelessly as you wish, and you will get rid of battery trouble.

The blue indicator light is always on while charging with the micro USB Wired charging interface. The blue light turns off when fully charged, the charging time is around 3-4 hours

You have easy operation thanks to the Voice button specially added to the design of your Inca IWS-549U Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard.

The INCA IWS-549U Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard and Mouse set allows you to handle your operations quickly and easily with its 12 Multimedia keys. Enjoy using the multimedia keys that allow you to easily scroll through the pages, change songs, turn the volume on and off.

It warns you by flashing before your battery runs out, and your apps are not interrupted.

Durable and with a key life of more than 10 million keys, anti-fading treatment is applied to ensure that the letters on them are not erased.

INCA IWS-549U Rechargeable Wireless Mouse You will not be able to leave it with its rechargeable and silent key feature. The modern and ergonomic hand-fit design mouse has an optical resolution of 1600 Dpi. Your energy will not run out for a long time, thanks to its low energy use and automatic sleep mode when not in use. Your mouse is compatible with Type-C and USB receiver, you can use both your keyboard and mouse with a single receiver.

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