• RGB Led
  • 6 Different Lighting Modes
  • DPI: 6400
  • Number of Keys: 6 Programmable Keys
  • Key Life: 5 million times
  • Product Size: 122 * 64 * 43mm
  • Weight: 121 g
  • Color: Black
  • Voltage: 5V 200mA
  • USB Cable: 1.5M braided Pure Copper Cable
  • Compatibility: Win 7 / Win8 / Win10 / Windows VISTA


  • IMG-346 Gaming Mouse
  • User guide


In order to gain an advantage in your games and reveal your skills, you need to maximize your gaming equipment at your disposal.

The Inca Empousa IMG-346 model is a special player equipment that provides extended controls for your battlefield superiority. Meet the Inca Empousa IMG-346…

Inca Empousa IMG-346 Gaming Mouse is here with its new gaming mouse design. You manage your games thanks to Empousa's excellent soft touch feeling and max grip control design designed for gamers.

Inca Empousa perfectly illuminates your playground with 6 different color illumination. You can assign custom colors to your Inca Empousa key assignments.

Inca Empousa uses a high performance 6400 DPI Optical sensor for better control over your movements during the game.

Inca Empousa IMG-346 Gamıng Mouse 6 Macro keys allow you to program the games according to the key you want. You can save your settings in the profile you want, and you can get more done faster than ever before.

Thanks to the acceleration and excellent movement speed of your Inca Empousa mouse, it allows you to perform the simplest and most necessary commands such as targeting and selecting the object in the fastest way.
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