• Buttons: 6 Keys
  • Silent Key
  • Works on All Surfaces Except Glass
  • Available For PC And Laptop
  • Key Life: 5 Million Times
  • USB Receiver: 2.4 GHz Concealable Nano, Plug and Play
  • Battery: AA Alkaline Manganese Dioxide Battery x1
  • Working Method: 2.4 Ghz Radio Frequency
  • Working Distance: 10m
  • Size: 110 x 60 x65 mm
  • Weight: 76.3g


Mouse x1
Nano USB Receiver x1
AA Battery x1
User Manual x1

Thanks to the ergonomic design of your Inca IWM-279 Mouse, your hand and wrist will maintain their natural state while using the mouse, and you will work for hours without getting tired in your office or home with its comfortable  grip.
Forget Mouse Click noise with Inca IWM-279 Right and Left Mute button, enjoy a quiet experience for yourself and those around you.
Thanks to its space-saving size and rubber coating, the IWM-279 will allow you to easily do your work that requires very precise control.
From the moment you connect the Micro USB receiver of your Inca IWM-279 Ergonomic Mouse to the USB port, you will have access to an optical sensor of 800/1400/1600 DPI that will help you provide precise control. Turn on DPI by pressing the corresponding button or navigate between different web pages using the two thumb buttons.
IWM-279 Ergonomic INCA Mouse Works on all surfaces except glass. Clean your desk and experience the practicality of a wireless mouse.. The mouse will automatically go into sleep mode after 10 minutes of use, so you will save energy. If you want to turn off the mouse when you are not using it, there is an on/off button under the mouse.

To exit the energy-saving sleep mode, it is sufficient to press any button of your mouse.
IWM-279 Ergonomic Design mouse with advanced 2.4Ghz Radio Frequency extends your wireless communication range up to 10 meters.
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